Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gently down the stream

So, people have told me that they are shocked to see me "blowing up" the blog.  For those over 40 that means I'm doing a lot of blogging.  Well, I did say I was going to blog at least 10 times a month and in typical Cherie fashion, I didn't do such a great job of spacing them out and here I am pushing those last 3 out to make sure I keep my word.  I would also like to take the time to remind you that my blogs vary in strength and topics... trying very hard to stay away from political ranting but it's coming... it's coming....just not quite yet.
Have some fresh ideas I want to share.  Nothing earth shattering but things worth knowing.  -

1. Regardless if you sleep alone or with someone else, sleeping on the diagonal is the best way to sleep.  If you sleep alone, I'm guessing you already know this. If you sleep with someone else, either have them put their legs over the edge of the bed on their side and let them sleep that way or just flop your legs downs over theirs and eventually they will move to the edge of the bed any way!   Try it.  You'll love this truth!

2. Most people are just going through the motions.  Even if you do ONE thing that is out of your routine every day, your life will change.  This can be a big thing or a little thing.  It does not matter.  It can be some thing that doesn't cost a penny, it can be some thing that cost a lot, just make sure it's some thing that you normally do not do.  Change it up everyday.

3.  I had 2 "Littles" at my house this evening.  I LOVE watching them when they do not know you are watching them.  When you're the my-kids-are-currently-little parent, you are too busy, too tired or to exhausted to see it.  I know, I missed it.  Of course when my kids were littles, I loved to watch them sleep.  But I'm talking about looking at them, and not how messy they might be or how much of a mess they made...but looking at them ,,, when they are watching the television, coloring, looking at a magazine - so serious - so interested - so delighted.  There is something to take from that, if nothing more than we need to be more like them.

4. Without friends...I'm empty.  I feel so lucky to have so many different friends, different kinds of friends, old and new and some are friends by birth and some are by choice but all of them are friends.  I know there are tons of quaint saying about friends and life and blah blah blah, but seriously, when I think about it, I have been touched in a million different ways by my friends.  And as silly as I am and as goofy as I get, they still love me in spite of it and I love them.  I am telling you that if you haven't already,  reach out and make all kinds of friends.  Make sure they know you love them.

5. On the tails of that last one, I recently read that someone was going to "hold back" on saying "I love you" because it's just too precious to say it to a new love.  Please think about that.  Why do people want to hold on to love?  Not be the first to say it.  The message you are missing is this... the more you give, the more you receive.  Refuse to be embarrassed about your emotions.  They are what makes you who you are.  If you are lucky enough to even think you are in love, SHOUT IT FROM THE FREAKIN ROOF TOP! This goes for friends, family and loves.  Don't be cheap with your love, yes, you may get hurt, but that just let's you know you're alive. 

Just saying.

Peace My Little Loves!


Katlyn said...

Love it as always!!

Pam said...

Amazing insight as always! Just thought that I would remind you that we met the first day of Kindergarten on the bus. So "gently down the stream" I will tell you that you've grown into a beautiful kind of woman. Keep sharing;)