Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What were you thinking?

So this will be rambling.  I've taken a break from my Blogging.  Yep, about a month off.  It's been easier to my evenings but I believe it's been bad for my head.  Shecky wrote and asked what I was doing...she wanted more blogs...I don't want to disappoint her ... again.  So I'm jumping back on the  blog highway.  Lot's of things cross my mind and I've not been lost of thought, just too tired to put them down for you...
Here are a few things you might have missed...

  • Loud talkers must have a place but I wish it wasn't so close to me.

  • Do you remember when you were 20ish and driving and had on a favorite pair of straight leg Levi's with a cool t-shirt?  Your hair was long and shiny and your skin was dusted with a slight tan and Ace played "How Long" on the radio.  God, you thought you were so cool and I think you were right. Where did that girl go?

  • Fish are so fun to watch and even cooler when you've brought them back to life!

  • I love entertaining.  Fixing the food, getting it right, bringing it out to the table, sitting down and having a good stiff drink.  All  it takes to wreck it... is an idiot.

  • People say dumb things all the time.  I wish everyone had instant play back and could listen to what they say...I'd like to say that they'd be shocked but they probably wouldn't get the irony in their words.

  • I have found my frustration with the uneducated growing by leaps and bounds. I am not sure how much longer I'll be able to harness it.

  • How do you measure a friend?  Some would say that you never have to.  I say, you must and continue to do so.  Get rid of ones that are only a friend by repetition or ease.  A friend will always want the best for you.  They will never need to "one up you", they would never try to beat you.  How awesome to have a friend that is the real deal.  If you have one...make sure you hold on and treat them with so much love and understanding...you'll get the same back.  It's wild.

  • When you think you've sunk so low that there's no coming back...you've only got half of it right...Look, Enlightenment has happened and you're on your way back. Sky's the limit baby!

  • If people don't learn how and when to use the following words , I'm going to fucking LOSE IT!  There, Their, They're... Let's try. 




  • Now let's try these words... To, Two, Too

  • We went to the store.

  • Those two look like they're in love!

  • I want to be in love too!

  • It's easy people... Easy Peasy Japanesey! Don't be a lame ass and tell me it's just typing and it doesn't matter.  It does.  For the LOVE!

  • Manners need to make a come back. 

  • I literally have a Fair Weathered Friend...and she's TOAST!

  • I love to say ... and the air was talcum and my momma's eyes are blue and daddy took the weird beast and he's walking next to you...that is the picture I see... that is the picture I see.

  • Goats on a slide...who thought of that?
Peace out my buckaroos!


blake said...

Man o' man I am scared to find out which of those are directed at me. I am sure you had specific people in mind. Hmmmmmm.

Cam Bell said...

Man, I hope you don't prepare us nice stuff, cuz evidently I'm all it takes to ruin it.

Linda M. said...

let's not forget "its" and "it's": It's very strange, but the cat has washed off all its fur.