Friday, May 21, 2010

Movie spoiler ... Brag Alert!

Okay I hate to brag....oh wait I'm supposed to be honest in these blogs.  Let me rephrase... I'm about to brag. If you want to be jealous go ahead.  I understand.  I would be too.  So I'm just going to give you a wee bit of my evening last night... So husband gets home from his baseball game and says...let's go get you a new outfit to wear Friday night for your big event!  I asked if he was serious and he said that we were walking out the door in 10 minutes.  In the car we go! We go to Dillard's in the mall because it's the only place that has a large selection of dresses, different styles different genres, whole ball of wax.  Another lucky feature of the evening is that we actually get a sales clerk that wants to help us.  She is grabbing dresses that she thinks would look good on me, that look artsy... she is so nice.  George sits in a chair by the dressing room and comments on 19 outfits that take one hour and forty five minutes to try on and off.  He never complains and once I finally find something that I really like and really feel comfortable in, he doesn't  quip that neither the blouse nor the pants are on sale, he doesn't let his eyes bulge out of his head when I say how much they are... he tell our sales clerk, Melissa, (HERE IS THE REAL BRAGGY PART SO GET READY) "We'll take the slacks and the blouse and ALSO RING UP THAT BLACK AND WHITE DRESS.  I THINK SHE LOOKED GREAT IN THAT TOO!  No, I didn't type that wrong. No, I wasn't making that up. No, I did not embellish the story ( that word's for you Madison) That is not a movie made in Hollywood.  It was real and it was made in Toledo, Ohio.  That is what he freakin said and it was about me!  And guess what?  He knows that my stomach isn't flat.  So take that!  I really really really felt like we were in a movie. was awesome.  We then went to J. Alexanders for dinner and giggled like we were in high school.  Like a HIGH SCHOOL MOVIE, that is!  So take that.  Wow... green's not such a good color on you!!!  LMAO 
Braggadocios In THE HOUSE!  Sorry about your luck! 
Peace Out my non movie stars!


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