Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dig it!

Here we go again.  I have tons of things going on and all I can think lucky am I?  Why is it that when I'm the busiest, I get the most done?  Whatever the explanation, I am so happy that I have tons of things to do and not enough time to get them done.  I recall a few months back, snow falling, work done, house cleaned...waiting ...waiting for something to happen.   Well here it is! 

Have you noticed how easy it is to burn through several hours online without really accomplishing anything? I could easily (and sometimes do) spend 4+ hours a day just between email, Facebook and reading/commenting on blogs.  And that’s a BIG problem. Unless you make an income solely by participating in conversations online, there are probably other things I should be doing.  Just staying busy might feel like you’re accomplishing something, but staying busy is a false success. What really matters is what you’re getting done by staying busy.

I find that gardening is the best way to see progress.  It might take a little longer to see the final outcome but when you do...OH THE REWARDS.  I do find myself getting all foggy eyed and under a spell when looking at flowers in the garden nursery.  They do say that Time began in a garden....  The vegetable garden is in.  The flowers are going in this weekend and I see the clock is starting to tick.  I hope that whatever it is that you're planning on getting done this summer, you get to enjoy it and savor it and really live it. 

My mom got me a shirt back in the 70's that said... "Life is a Garden.  Dig It!"  I wish I still had that shirt. 

Peace Out my fellow travelers.

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