Friday, April 30, 2010

You can't get there from here...

So once again the best laid plans have gone haywire. My sister and I had plans.  Plans that required us to stay home.  For the record, other things were going to take place but I don't need to bore you with that.  Instead, she came over, an hour later than "planned" said let's go to this garage sale.  Do you have your GPS or does George have it?  I said that George had it but I would look it up the old fashioned way... Map Quest.  How is that old fashioned?   Just a year ago that was my lifeline.  I didn't go anywhere without printing those directions and making sure I had the map part printed as well.  They sat in the front of the car for the entire trip and didn't get tossed until I returned safely home. 
Another thing lost to high tech living.  Ahhh, but I skipped a rope there.  Remember when MapQuest was the high tech living?  We used to have these things called maps.  They were compact in size once.  After you opened them up to see where you were or where you were going, they never closed the same way again.  Don't act like they did or that you are some super human map folder who always had them back into their flat, correctly folded rectangle.  Whatever!  I love GPS.  It makes everything so much easier. 
So anyways... we finally find the street we are looking for.  Go to the HUGE 4 FAMILY GARAGE SALE.  Well, evidently, the 3 other families weren't able to make the sale.  It was a very small sale.  I did purchase a 1965 Chinese checks tin game with marbles included.  I had never been on that street before.  I didn't know it existed.  I was slightly surprised by the neighborhood.  Very nice, very clean, very unexpected.  So we go  around to other parts of town and we are at least 5 miles from the side street of the first sale.  We are now in a neighborhood I am not familiar with, have never been in and couldn't get back to it if I had to. My sister  is asking should I go this way or that way?  Turn right or left? I am sure that I am Zen-ning our way home.  She then asks me where I think we'll come out?  I tell her and considering where we went into this sub-division, I'm fairly certain where we're going to come out...except for the fact that we are no where near where I said.  We are now right in front of the house where we started 4 hours previously. 
That was a long story for a short message... you can't get there from here but you can get there when you're lost.  WTF?

Peace out my friends.

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