Monday, February 28, 2011

and the Oscar goes to...

We watched the Oscar's this evening and it got me thinking...these awards, which are considered the "Holy Grail" of entertainment and draw such a mammoth viewing crowd, are for an average 2 hour span of entertainment.  All of this hoopla for 2 hours?  Really?  2 hours?  I've been thinking about what 2 hours were so good that they completely changed my life and set me on a whole new course  and got me accolades that lasted for day....hmmm.
It's 45 minutes later....hmmm.  Okay, nothing.  I am thinking that we need to have awards for our friends, family and events that REALLY change our lives.  I mean seriously, some of the movies were really good and I really enjoyed them and I will watch them again, but they haven't changed my life enough that I'm willing to spend thousands on a dress and shoes and jewels, and then rent a hall that seats 3000 people and have actors up on stage doing a poor job of hosting.
What if we have an award show for our own lives?  I'm thinking we could bring all of our nominees - family, friends, co-workers and other people we know that have made a difference in our lives, together in a fun setting and heck, we could get dressed up... or not.   
Here are a few of the awards I'd like to hand out...
(all of the below have a person attached to in Person I was with when I had...)
***Best time I've ever had on a 24 hour or less car trip -
***Best Day of my life
***Funniest time in the past year
***Funniest time in the past 5 years
***Funniest time in the past 10 years
***The person who can pull me out of a hole faster than saying yes!
***The person I can ALWAYS count on
***The best person to share a Saturday morning with
***The best person to shop with
***The best person to drink a cup of coffee with
***The person who changed my life
***The person who does nice things for me when I don't even deserve them
***The person I miss spending time with the most  - still alive
***The person I miss spending time with the most - no longer living
***My favorite co-worker
***My best "pick me up" friend

So you're getting the idea.  I have a person for all of those categories and I'm so lucky, that I am able to give each one of these to different people.  I could make the list longer and I will for my I just have to find the venue and get it set up.  I'm super excited about this idea so I hope you are thinking about who you'd give awards to and what other awards people in your lives deserve.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to give everyone who attends a $4 billion dollar bag of goodies, but my garage sale pile has really grown recently and I'll pick some good stuff out of there!
So start looking for your dresses or your tux of whatever makes you feel fancy and wait for that invitation...I'm sure you're on the guest list.

And the winner is...  YOU!
Peace out my Oscar winners!

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Renee Caldwell said...

Amazing, I cannot even watch the Oscars anymore because it stirs up so many ridiculous thoughts for me! I mean seriously, awards for acting? Glad someone else is on the same page as me!