Monday, May 3, 2010

What's Good?

Sometime things are so pretty and happen so fast that if you aren't being very very "aware" , you'll miss them.  I have been working diligently trying to make sure I'm not letting it all go by.  It might seem like I continue to harp on this subject but someone has to make sure you don't wake up one day and wonder what the hell happened. 
Good idea might be to write 5 things a day that made you smile. You can do this in a notebook or on your laptop or in a little pad of paper that you carry in your purse.  It's not another thing to do.  It's making yourself aware of what you do. Stop moaning and start writing.  It'll take you all of 2 minutes.  You have 2 minutes to watch television, play on facebook or go the bathroom, you have 2 minutes to think some good... let's go.

1. Plants are much bigger than they were a week ago.
2.The picture on this blog is freaking beautiful.
3.The cover on the book I'm reading is nice.
4. I accidentally hung the lights up in the outdoor room differently and I like it way better!
5. George and I had hamburger for breakfast and we laughed really hard.
6. Rudy looked at me today and made a noise that sounded exactly like this..."Willis?"
7. This rain is making the grass a color of green you do not frequently see...and it's lovely.
8. I was British all day today.  Even at the checkout.
9. I am looking forward to going to visit my old high school friend.  I think it will be great to spend time with her...something we haven't done for a long time.
10. I wore my boots all weekend!

See, that took about 2 minutes and I did ten things.  Stop being so lazy.  What's good.  Write it down.  Celebrate good times come on!  LOL  OMG... Sing it!
Peace out.

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