Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How's that working for ya?

Okay...what we need is one more blog about Sarah Palin ... don't fear, I hear you and I'm here to make that happen. There are so many points that need to be covered with her that I've decided to take them on one at a time. Tonight's topic... How's that working for ya?

Let's teach Abstinence in schools. Let's review... that would require us to tell (and I'm assuming here) high schoolers that instead of having sex they should wait and not have sex until they get married. I get it and I even think in "theory" it's not a bad idea until you get to the part where the people you're asking to abstain from sex, are teenagers with minds of their own, not to mention out of control hormones and a deep desire to experience everything they are told not to.

As I understand it, we would probably teach this in Health Class between "Your Ever Changing Body" and "Your Travelling Sperm". It gets foggy here but I'm thinking they would then tell the students that "even though your body is telling you one thing, you know better and that "better" is IGNORE IT! FIGHT IT! DENY IT! JUST SAY NO TO SEX. After being repeated frequently, the student's would just know better and not have sex.

I would also think that this would be partnered with parents reminding their children on a regular basis to refrain from sex. We can't send our children to school expecting that the school teaches them their "morals and values". That has got to come from their homes.

So we tell them at home and teach them in school and that should cover it. After all that, I doubt they'll even think about having sex. That would be crazy nuts! All worries - taken care of. No more teen pregnancies. Gone are the cases of teen sexually transmitted diseases. Life couldn't get any better and all we have to do is tell them not to do it.

So...How's that working for ya, Sarah?

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Blake said...

Abstinence is working great for me...I am on year 3!